Introduction to basics of Indian Classical Dance, Bollywood Dance,Indian Fusion dances and Indian folk dances. From beginners to advance. Mentoring dance groups,private lessons and special classes for Children.

Intensive Courses

A month long training to study Indian Art and Culture with philosophical background and Dance trainings in Indian Classical,folk and fusion.

Events and Retreats

Performances and events organisation wordlwide. Retreats wordlwide offer group dance trainings and therapies with Pranayama and Yoga practises.

What you learn?

Indian dance and music history,body warm up moves; footwork ;arms variation;Body language; expressive quality eye movement and hand gestures (mudras);dance techniques;choreographies;feminine grace and fluid movements.

About Rashee

“Every time I learn something new I grow a little inside”.

Rashee is an artist with diversity and ascetic view in her work. Born in a small town of Himalayas India she started her journey of dance at the young age of 8. Attending schools of Folk and Classical dances of North India learning with respected local teachers. ‘It was not like a proper training to become a dancer, I was so young! Music always made me dance, I loved being on stage’. With her love for stage she started her training in Classical Indian dance Kathak with this base she entered to modern dances and Bollywood dance and continued to learn and explore path of performing arts under the guidance of various masters and supportive partners. ’ It’s not easy to shift from modesty to Maya, so i learnt to collaborate, experiment make the fusion with creation’. ‘It’s just i love when I can move and wave with my body just like the tender waves in sea and sometimes like a storm in ocean, everytime I learn something new I grow a little inside‘. Rashee learnt in her early age to be independent and self-sufficient.She started to teach people and choreographing small events besides continuing her natural science studies. ‘It has been a great challenge,as it is not that easy to be off limits!‘,to start artistic path it is very important to discover the depth of love within for what we want and then don’t wait and struggle for it!’ Rashee has a strong connection with her tradition and culture. The rich knowledge of ancient India is not hidden from anybody; studying Ayurveda helped expanding the knowledge much more in a different level. ‘I have always been fascinated with the tales of Devadasi customs told by my grandmother and performing arts in ancient times ,I unruffled unconsciously all this information in my young mind and consciously researched to know more about all those mythological aesthetics of Indian arts.’ Rashee continued her journey of dance and discovered Odissi Indian Classical dance near her hometown in Himalayas from her Guru Padma Charan Dehury ji and insight Guru Sujata Mohapatra.’Odissi dance made me stable and flourished me tenderly.’ During the years she met masters and dancers and had a chance to learn and share with them, Terence Lewis had been a great inspiration for the techniques of building the fusion of Indian and modern dances. ‘I always wanted to be an artist, I have learnt more by sharing and excepting’. Rashee is now based in central Europe continuing her journey as an artist. She is presently a known Professional dancer and teacher offering various kind of teachings. My main motive is to educate people inwardly at first to help them discover themselves and then the magic begins!


Mast Malang Performance Night.

May | 2015

Mast Malang event held in TIPA Dharamshala India after a month long dance workshops given by Rashee.This event was organised to give an opportunity for local and international students who have been part of the dance workshops to get together and perform on stage. This lovely audience have been the most amazing and energetic audience ever!

Indian Dance Festival

April | 2015

“Let us liberate ourselves from any form of control. Let us focus at the inner drum, where the rhythm aligns with that of our heart. The measure of responsibility, equals to the need for evolution. Just listen, the inner child, let it whisper in your ear.” ― Grigoris Deoudis

Indian Fusion Belly Dance Workshop

August | 2015

Indian fusion belly dance workshop was held in Bratislava Slovakia.This two hours workshop included foot work,mudras and some techniques.We endend with a short choreography in a beautiful Rajasthani song.

Indian Fusion Dance Workshop at Elanda Villa Cap D’Ail Nice, France.

December | 2015

Elanda Villa has one of the best studio with a mesmerizing ocean view. This workshop included introduction to basic techniques of Indian Classical Kathak Dance and Indian Folklore. Learning Bollywood Choreographies and Mudras (hand gestures). Besides Dancing on Bollywood tunes we had a fun ladies time together.

Krásna India means Beautiful India.

February | 2016

‘’Krásna India’’ means ‘’Beautiful India’’ this show i organized in a small town of Slovakia where some people witnessed Indian art for the first time. This was my idea to show the diversity of Colourful nation India.Dancers from Slovakia participated and performed various Indian Dance styles. I presented some of my choreographies and in the end I taught the audience some Bhangra steps and it was a great fun to dance along with them.


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